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k im posting.. [Jul. 31st, 2004|01:35 am]


[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |sam on the phone]

Ya im good at lurking. dont mind me.

annnnnnd im gonna rant about what i rant about best. actually its jsut somethign thats bugging me.

STILL havent seen Daniel since before he left for tennesse.. when he could have broke up with me instead of making me wait a month..neways his mom says hes comging to swing tomorrow...and id k whats gonna happen..Like i want to be over him. it pisses me off that im not. b/c I kno i should move on...so y does part of me still want him to like me?

He's probably gonna ignore me. Fine. He can do that. I just dont know if I can handle it. But..I think i can...b/c i kno deep down its for the better that we broke up. I jsut cant stand the fact that part of me still wants him.

I'll rant better later.
no wait.
My cousins here..shes sleeping in my room tonight and shes on the fucking phone..using my fucking charget to fight with her bf whos up in jersey..and i need to wake up at 9:00 lol. its almost 2 now..and knowsing her shes not gonan get off.. all shes doing is i love u i love u.. sweet sam. i know u love him. k. can i sleep now? bah she drives me batty...

k im done now..

From: penisonurwenis
2004-07-31 07:53 am (UTC)

La la la

I understand how you feel Jamie.. with the whole Daniel thing. It bothers me that I'm not over John but part of me still wants him.. and it's like he doesn't even care about me. So.. I totally understand! :)
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