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Hogwarts_elite [Sep. 18th, 2004|01:31 pm]



Not really a rant..BUT IT'S A RAVE!! WOO!!

This is where you apply: sorting_elite </span>

Once you apply, you have to be patient, sorting takes a while.Once you're sorted, the headmaster
or headmistress will tell you the sister communities to join. If you become a member, you must post at least once a week, and participate in other's sortings.

If you're going on vacation or have problems, you  can post a hiatus banner on your bio and post a hiatus notice in  pomfrey_elite ,which you'll also want to join.

This community really is a lot of fun, and I recommend you join it. Be very elaborate in your application, though, or else you will be squibbed. I also suggest that you have read the books. This community is for the elite for a reason.

 There's all kinds of things to do here. You can have discussions about HP, there are some quizzes, games, a graphics shop, and much more.

Also... on the last question of the application, put my username so I can *cough* get referral points *cough* for Ravenclaw.
Hope to read your applications!